Three wholesome spaces for health and peace of mind in the heart of Saigon


At Hum, we serve only the freshest ingredients for a culinary experience that is not only delicious and fulfilling, but also nourishes the soul with peace, healthfulness, and grace. 

Opening hours: 10:00h - 22:00h


A tranquil space...

 Make yourself comfortable as you delve into an atmosphere that embraces calmness and harmony. Serene music, natural wooden interiors and an array of beautiful plants and trees will give you moments of peace, joy, and mindfulness. 

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Pure & nourishing

At Hum, we appreciate the body – we offer it with simple yet nourishing food so it becomes healthy and we, in turn, live a happy and wholesome life. Our dishes are prepared using only the freshest natural ingredients, handpicked to give you the care you deserve.

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Delectable flavours

Taking inspiration from Southeast Asian cuisines, our proud creations deliver a delicate balance of flavours and aromas, sure to delight your taste buds in the best of ways.

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Tasty and healthy food for the soul

At Hum, we believe that food is one of the most essential aspects of a healthy and happy life. Apart from being complementary in flavours, our ingredients are selected for their health-giving benefits. These particular health benefits are outlined under each dish so you can be certain that everything you eat will be a positively gratifying addition to your well-being.

Experience a wholesome culinary experience at both of our locations!

We came here twice over 2 days because we were so impressed with the food and the calming atmosphere! We thought the extensive menu was excellent and the people who work here are lovely. 10/10 - We love Hum and can’t wait to come back.
— Guest (Ireland), 10/30/2017