At Hum, we believe that food is one of the most essential aspects of a healthy and happy life. Apart from being complementary in flavours, ingredients are selected for their health-giving benefits. These particular health benefits are outlined under each dish so you can be certain that everything you eat will be a positively gratifying addition to your well-being.

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As taste also needs a gentle wake.
cu sen lac pho mai.jpg

1. Lotus tuber in sesame salt
Lotus tuber is composed of several health benefits, excellent source of dietary fibers and vitamin C

2. Seasonal platter à la ‘…hum' (ideal with wine)
Seasonal fresh vegetables along sweet, naturally dried fruits and crunchy home-made snacks a tasty, light dish in a very Hum style


As taste also needs a gentle wake.
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1. Young ivory bamboo soup
Vitamin C and fiber make your body lighter and more energized

2. Artichoke soup
Planted commonly in Lam Dong, Vietnam, artichoke is a medicine that is good for liver and bile

3. Spiny bitter gourd soup
Hummade tofu in a sweet soup from spiny bitter gourd – one thing silky as satin and the other light as cloud. Furthermore, spiny bitter gourd is abundant in lycopene, an anti-oxidant that aids in reducing cancer risks 

4. Winter melon soup
Winter melon could help detoxify your body, prevent migraines, at the same time softens and moisturizes your skin

5. Saffron flower soup
A medicinal herb with anti-oxidation characteristic, Saffron can inhibit the development of cancer cells in the body

6. Summer rolls
A combination of fresh ingredients in this summer rolls dish including capsicum, june plum leaves, mango, zucchini…offer many health benefits such as easing digestion, helping maintain eye health and fighting inflammation

7. Diep roll
Both green field cabbage and chive are highly efficient in fighting off unhealthy particles

8. Deep-fried à la ‘…hum’ tofu
Young, healthy tofu freshly made by ‘…hum’ cooks provides a great source of calcium and vitamin E

9. Square deep fried spring roll
Great source of protein for a healthy heart

10. Deep fried veggies
Varieties of seasonal, fresh and nutritious tropical fried veggies in taro basket

Signature Salads

Just like home, it all starts with a dish of green
smNấm mỡ nướng sốt gấc 3.jpg

1. Banana blossom salad
A traditional salad of Vietnamese villages is now served at Hum in a fresher taste

2. Salad à la ‘…hum'
Papaya’s enzymes not only boost digestive health but also strengthen cardiac performance

3. Winged bean salad
Virtually “King of calcium and protein”, winged bean can activate the hidden energy in your body and create fresh feeling for your day

4. Pomelo salad
The sweet-and-sour of crisp pieces of pomelo flesh becomes an amazing difference to the taste-bud when going with Hum special sauce

5. Mushroom in ground roasted rice
Apart from essential acid amines, mushrooms enhance immune system and reduce body's cholesterol

6. Dragon fruit salad
Shining bush is known to posses medicinal qualities that could assist in fighting inflammation. Here it accompanies dragon fruit, a mineral-rich fruit in an elegant dish

7. Spinach with spiny bitter gourd dressing 
Spiny bitter gourd contains a high level of carotenoid, a natural antioxidant known to help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol levels and improve eyesight

8. Beetroot salad in passion sauce
A delightful, refreshing salad made from juicy beetroot and passion fruit sauce

9. Root vegetables and avocado salad 
Young roots and avocado are rich in vitamin C and are great sources of healthy fats

10. Button mushroom salad
Rich with nutrients and containing powerful antioxidants, this combination of mushroom and rocket salad is a refreshing way to energize

11. Button mushrooms with spiny bitter gourd sauce
Button mushrooms are an incredible source of vital minerals that could assist in boosting the immune system and lowering cholesterol

12. Artichoke salad
Artichoke offers various health benefits; it also helps to prevent cancer, heart disease, liver dysfunction, high cholesterol and diabetes

Main Courses

Best served with rice
dau hu ca ri chung bi xanh.JPG

1. Veggies omelet
(not available on the 1st & 15th of Lunar month)
Nourishing and more healthy omelet by Hum-style cook, full of stir-fried veggies in the thin and yummy yellow egg-wrapping

2. Tofu in spicy sauce
Consuming tofu regularly helps lower bad cholesterol, alleviates symptoms associated with menopause and even lowers the risk of cancer

3. Veggies braised in red bean-curd
Provides lots of fiber and vitamins from Thai egg-plant, tomatoes, baby potatoes, okras, etc., the dish is more delicious with braised spices and red bean-curd

4. Hummade tofu 
Truly home-made tofu writes a story of Hum creativity. Worth to try once and will take another. Have it raw or with trio-spice sauce.  Both are great!

5. Braised heart of palm
Amazingly flavorful, tender yet crunchy, great to pair with rice, this dish contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber essential to overall health

6. Braised tofu in spiced sauce
Tasty braised tofu in sweet black sauce, flavourful with star anise and cinnamon. Cinnamon is best known as a spice, also been used traditionally as medicine throughout the world

7. Young jicama in clay pot
Young jicama, tofu and coconut are braised with bean-curd and variety of spices, which makes the dish full of flavour

8. Tofu in fermented bean sauce
Other major health benefits of tofu include making middle-aged bones stronger and delaying the ravages of age

9. Curried tofu braised in winter melon
Winter melon is a preferred diet menu. A fine combination of naturally sweet melon rings stuffed with silky tofu ang tangy curry

10. Steamed mushroom in coconut
Plentiful vitamins from fresh Lingzhi and mushrooms assorted with natural sweet flavor of coconut, eggs and lightly spicy taste of chili

All About Rice

A little meal by itself!
cơm chiên trái thơm.jpg

1. Crispy rice noodles in fermented bean sauce
A healthy and delicious variation of rice noodles cooking

2. Kailan fried rice
The combination of kai-lan's natural crunchiness and sweet taste with flavorful egg fried rice makes a light but nutritious dish

3. Holy basil fried rice
A sweet harmony of king oyster mushroom and natural aroma from holy basil leaves for a creative dish

4. Spinach fried rice
Spinach is an excellent choice for nutrition without high calories; besides, plenty vitamin A&C in bell-pepper, zucchini and tomato make the dish more tasteful and healthy

5. Fried rice à la ‘… hum’
A pleasant experiment of crunchy fried rice, mixed with vegetable, carrot and mushrooms

6. Fried rice with pecans
Pecans are known as a type of “super food” because they are rich in vitamins especially vitamin E, various important minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids

7. PadThai
A noodle-based stir-fry that marries salty, sweet, sour and spicy together, gives you lower carbohydrate content and fewer calories

8. Magenta plant fried rice
Interesting experience for egg lovers with magenta plant fried rice served with flavorful climbing wattle veggie in egg-roll

9. Pineapple fried rice
Pineapple's digestive enzymes and vitamin C are effective supports to your digestion

10. Fragrant rice in lotus leaf
White rice is a good source of calories, protein, magnesium and iron. Its fat content is primarily omega-6 fatty acids which promote healing.

11. Brown rice in lotus leaf
Brown rice brings many vitamins and natural minerals, especially good for close control of blood sugar


The veggies can be steamed or sautéed individually, on your request
Nam sot tam vi, hap la sen.JPG

1. Spinach
Low in calories and high in vitamins, spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense food in existence

2. Kai Lan
Very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, Vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and reasonably rich in calcium

3. Choy Sum
High in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and dietary fiber

4. Local wild veggie
This natural veggie is rich in vitamins, helps improving immune system, lessening lipids and lowering blood pressure

5. Stir-fried chayote shoots with peanuts
Chayote shoots are rich in vitamin C and fiber. This veggie dish has a wonderfully crunchy bite accompanied by the nutty flavour of peanuts; a delight for the palette

6. Veggies with ‘Kho quet’
A variety of local veggies - good source of vitamin C and fiber which make your body balanced and light

7. Veggie in quattro spice sauce
The sweet of crispy asparagus, zucchini, bell pepper and flavorsome potato goes so well with special Hum sauce

8. King Oyster mushroom with green apple sauce
Fried nutritious King Oyster mushroom accompanied with green apple sour sauce creates an interesting balanced taste

9. Mushrooms, trio-spice sauce, steamed in lotus leaf
Refreshing taste of oyster mushrooms with light spicy sauce when all is wrapped and steamed in lotus leaf. A differently pleasant flavour

Veggies in Spicy Sauce
For those who love very spicy tastes…

10. Sauteed water spinach in spicy sauce
11. Sauteed local wild veggie in spicy sauce


A perfect complement for a good meal
Lau Atiso.jpg

1. Calabash and seaweed soup
This is a light, flavorful soup with a combination of dried calabash, seaweed and silky tofu. It's packed with dietary fibers, calcium, and vitamins

2. Taro stem soup
Taro stem is full of nutrients; its health benefits include improving blood circulation, aid the immune system, and prevent heart disease

3. Braised young banana with fresh turmeric
Vitamin A, C in this sour and hot soup will give a boost to your appetite  and immune system

4. Sour soup à la ‘...hum’
Luscious young banana in flavourful turmeric sauce and tasty herb, a variation of rustic food

5. Red curry (served with rice noodle)
This special curry spice has also been touted to be as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart disease

6. Green curry (served with rice noodle)
Most ingredients in the soup help fighting inflammation, protecting body from damaging action of toxins and free radicals

7. Vermicelli hot pot
Delicious, light sour and spicy hot pot, served with vermicelli - good to balance your mind and release body high temperature

8. Artichoke hot pot
Heat-release hot pot comes with many different kinds of nutritious artichoke, mushrooms and rustic flowers

9. Aloe vera hot pot
Aloe vera and spinach have many health benefits such as boosting immune system performance and lowering blood sugar levels

10. Coriander seeds hot pot
This healthy hot pot is packed with veggies and offers a unique taste. In there, chili buds also supports immune system and helps reduce heart disease


How sweet, this end of the meal
smChè bưởi 1.jpg

1. Black glutinous rice Yogurt
Fresh milk yogurt with fermented black glutinous rice creates interesting tastes and ideal choice for digestive system

2.  Black sesame (serving hot)
Black sesame is a popular traditional medicine to improve kidney performance

3. Bean curd in ginger caramel sauce
Silky bean curd in sweet and warm ginger caramel sauce

4. Pomelo sweet soup
Pomelo peel contains concentrated pectin, which helps lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer

5. Trio cake balls
Cake balls with assorted filling of sesame, milk and taro

6. Toddy palm, almond matcha jelly (serving cold)
A healthy, relaxing dessert from nutritious matcha jelly and crunchy, sweet pulp of toddy palm fruit

7. Toddy palm, coconut milk (serving cold)
Fresh and flavourful dessert of crunchy toddy palm fruit in light, sweet coconut milk

8. Mango with sticky rice
Sweet mango and sticky rice, served with creamy coconut milk

9. Seasonal fresh fruits
Vitamins in this variety of fruits will energize your body and smoothen your skin