Omg, this food is in it’s own league. Refreshing different from all the other vegetarian restaurants who just try to fake meaty dishes. They have so many (to me) unique dishes and the quality and taste is amazing. Make sure to try cocktails as their so great too. Would definitely recommend going. Maybe it’s better making a reservation.
— Franciska Bösz, 02/22/2018

“The perfect restaurant experience”
This restaurant was simply my best overall experience I ever had in any restaurant any where in the world. The place is spacious well decorated and has a soothing and pleasant vibe to it as soon as you get in. The chairs and tables were very comfortable. The menu was long but not all over the place. All the dishes fit perfectly on the niche the restaurant aims for: tasty delicious, a feast for all the senses and really really healthy. The description of the dishes was another great detail that also refered to the main benefits of each item. The staff was at the same level, though that has been a common plus an all the restaurants I’ve tried in Vietnam so far. Who says you can’t have it all? Visit this place and experience for yourself. To those thinking I might be coming from a starvation experience on a desert island, I assure you that’s not the case. I’ve actually been treating myself extremely well in regards to comfort and meals.
— David F, 02/05/2018

“Veg solution for everyone. Best spring rolls in town”
I want to say first of all that I am not vegetarian, I love every kind of meat. But for me this restaurant had been a truly surprise. Great design and atmosphere and care for details which i think is very important if you are eating good food. This gives you something more which is not obvious. Talking about the food they have a lot of choices inspired on Asian food but adding something more and very interesting. Just go there few times to try different options. Try the seaweed rice. You would be able to feel the sea taste without eating fish. Or goes for the best springrolls in town. Great job.
— edkash, 02/05/2018

I’ve been going to Hum.. for a long time and they always amaze to impress me. The restaurant is welcoming itself and the waiters were always polite. I am no vegetarian because I thought not being able to eat meat or fish would be boring however they proved me wrong. In fact I’ve gone vegetarian because Hum.. showed how good vegetarian food really is. Flavours are exquisite, having tried all the dishes I can guarantee whatever you order will be delicious. I personally have my favourites. The ‘tofu a la Hum’ the ‘morning glory salad’ and the ‘vegetables in fermented bean sauce’ are impeccable. They have a wide variety of dishes for everyone. Getting a couple dishes and sharing it is a recommendation from me because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the different flavours they give. I’ve had great experiences there and I hope what I’ve shared will motivate you to experience what I have.
— inthiramckenzie, 02/04/2018

“Sooooo tasty!”
This was one of the best meals of our Vietnamese tour. My wife is vegetarian and this place was right next to the war remnants Musuem so we went for lunch prior. The place has a funky decor, a very calming vibe like you’re in a spa waiting for a massage. We ordered the hot pot which was 220,000vnd but it fed both of us easily, will probably feed 3 people. It was extremely flavoursome. They have a massive menu so you are spoilt for choice. For dessert we ordered sticky rice with mango, which I’ve never had before. This too was really tasty. The service was exemplary. Highly recommended! Even got non vegetarians like me.
— Sandaradura S, 02/04/2018